The HubIS team of 3DSA – Thessaloniki, Greece carried out test flights with drones sensors at New Silata, Chalkidiki, Greece, on November 21st, 2021. The test flights took place at a vineyard and at a neighboring oil grove.

The purpose of the test flights was to try out the Altum MicaSense camera, which was available again after an unscheduled service, due to connection problems that observed previously between the camera and the Matrice 300 RTK drone. For best results, a sunny day was selected and the flights were planned at 2 pm (local time, UTC +03).

In total, three flights took place, one with Matrice 300 RTK drone and the other two with GEP 4/2 drone. Four cameras were used in total: Altum MicaSense, Canon NDVI, Canon RGB & Canon RedEdge 717-737 respectively.

The altitude of all flights was 60 m. With the Canon cameras an area of 15 acres of vineyard and area of 60 acres of olive grove were covered. The total amount of photos taken was 130. With the Altum MicaSense an area of 15 acres was covered and the total amount of photos taken was 120.

Flight data were processed and visualized with the photogrammetry software ‘Pix4D’.


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