It’s time for the Pilowtech – a wireless and low-cost soil moisture sensor developed in the tunisian Fab Lab in order to facilitate irrigation management – to take off!

This innovation labelled “HubIS project” was introduced to a wide range of agricultural stakeholders through events at the ANzAR forum (1st forum on Agroecology in North Africa) and at the Chott Mariem Agronomic Institute (Sousse, Tunisia). Design workshops were held with farmers, students, technicians and engineers, teachers and researchers, association members and institutional representatives from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

The feedback is definitely encouraging: the Pilowtech made a strong impression and everyone from 20 to 70 years old was able to build their own sensor! The next steps will be to consolidate the transfer of the innovation within the established networks of stakeholders, and to continue to promote their wider dissemination. Looking for more information? Check out our publication:


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